Debussy Prélude à L’après midi d’un Faune


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I wonder whether the 18 year old Georges Barrère realised, as he played that very first magical C# melting down seductively onto the tritone G on Saturday the 22nd of December 1894 in the Salle Harcourt in Paris, that he was making musical history?

Debussy’s masterpiece is according to Pierre Boulez, “the awakening of modern music”. In Bernstein’s Norton lecture (1973), ‘The Unanswered Question’ he corroborates this, stating that the piece, with its extensive use of the tritone interval and whole-tone scale, stretches the limits of tonality, thus setting up the atonal works of the 20th century to come.

I’m delighted to present my arrangement for flute and piano of this masterpiece. It is always a pleasure to play this piece and working on the score and learning it in more depth from the inside has been a thoroghly enjoybale project.

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